Emerging Horizons Birthday


Today is our first day at sea and also the day we officially celebrated Emerging Horizons’ tenth birthday. We had a nice birthday party complete with cake, an open bar and of course gifts for everyone.

Speaking of gifts I’d like to thank Bonnie & Paul for the champagne and strawberries. It was a great way to start the cruise.

I also had some time to meet with Ron Pettit this morning and chat about some of the lesser known access features of the ship. For example one accessible cabin (a junior suite) can actually accommodate six passengers. And we toured it yesterday – it’s huge and very accessible. It’s a great option if you need access and want to cruise with family or friends.

Also, they have a special harness on the ship, so wheelchair-users can climb the rock climbing wall. More on that tomorrow, as we have one gal in our group that’s going to give it a try! It should be lots of fun.