Good Morning Miami!


Well today we are in Miami, all set to depart on our Emerging Horizons Celebrations cruise. We are cruising with readers on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas to celebrate Emerging Horizons tenth birthday and the release of my newest book, “101 Accessible Vacations: Travel Ideas for Wheelers and Slow Walkers”. I’m really thrilled with the galleys of the new title, and I think it will be an excellent vacation planning resource.

Speaking of vacation planning, I get a lot of questions about free parking for people with disabilities at cruise ship piers in Florida. Well, those of you planning to drive to a Florida port should know that under Florida law there is no charge for parking at cruise ship piers for people who have modified vehicles or a Florida toll exemption tag. That’s the minimum law.

But the Port of Miami goes one step further, as it also allows free parking for anybody who has a disabled parking placard. Not so at Port Canaveral though, as they stick to the letter of the law. So if you are cruising out of Miami, don’t forget your placard – it could save you a few bucks on parking.

Well, gotta get my luggage together and do a last minute e-mail check. I’m meeting the RCI Access Manager aboard early for tour of the accessible staterooms. As an added bonus he’s sailing with us, just to make sure things go smoothly.

And, as promised, I will be blogging daily while on the cruise, so check back often for the latest access information about the Liberty of the Seas and the ports she visits.