On the Road in Oregon


As we were traveling through Oregon this week, I was once again reminded why this is a great state for a road trip for slow walkers and wheelchair-users.

First off, there are just so many scenic drives up here that you can literally spend weeks driving around on the “scenic routes” and official scenic byways. We meandered a bit ourselves yesterday after we looked at a great accessible B&B on the coast. Originally we were going to head straight back to Portland and then up to Washington, but upon the suggestion of the innkeeper we ended up doing a scenic drive to Pacific City and then having a lovely lunch at the Pelican Pub & Brewery. Great ocean view, good access and great food. And if you like a really hoppy brew as I do, be sure and try the Pelican IPA. You won’t be disappointed.

But I digress – back to singing the praises of Oregon.

I also noticed as we drove through the state that the restrooms in their highway rest areas are clearly marked with signs that state that an assistant of the opposite sex is allowed to enter the restroom to assist a person with a disability. Granted that’s pretty much the law everywhere, but it’s nice to see posted in black (well, actually blue) and white, so that everybody understands the situation.

And finally there are the gas stations. Every time we come to Oregon I have to remind Charles that customers are not allowed to pump their own gas up here. That’s right, all gas stations are full serve. Somehow I just couldn’t see this working in California, but it works fine up here. Of course Charles still has to get our of the car and stand by the gas pump (I guess it’s a man thing) but he’s not allowed to touch it. But hey, men will be men, right?

OK, time to get packed and hit the road. We have a full day in the Columbia River Gorge before heading north. We covered this area when we did a Columbia River Cruise on the Queen of the West a few years ago, and it’s good to be back for more editorial research. It really is a beautiful area, especially in the fall.