Snappy Flight Attendant Comeback


Flight attendants have a very difficult job; a job that I know full well I couldn”t do. Truth be told, I”d probably be fired on the first day for telling an inconsiderate passenger exactly where he could go (and I don”t mean baggage claim). But seasoned flight attendants think on their feet, solve problems, diffuse difficult situations; and at the same time offer snappy comebacks to roadblocks thrown up by idiot passengers.

Case and point, is the flight attendant retort posted in Jacquelyn Mitchard”s blog. Jacqueline was injured while traveling around the US and as a result had to spend half of her trip on crutches. She had some problems with a few comments from passengers aboard one of her flights. More specifically, after she hobbled back to 36C and needed to stow her crutches, she found one passenger a bit too overprotective of his precious overhead bin space (and his overcoat). A quick witted flight attendant was attempting to assist Mitchard in finding room to stow her crutches when she opened up the idiot passenger”s overhead bin. That”s when the following exchange took place.

Idiot Passenger: “My overcoat is up there.”
Quick Witted Flight Attendant: “It will fit.” (meaning the crutches)
Idiot Passenger: “It”s CASHMERE!” (meaning the overcoat)
Quick Witted Flight Attendant: “Put it on then.” (meaning STFU)

You can read Jacquelyn’s entire post here:

Three cheers to the quick witted flight attendant.

Crutches trump cashmere every time — as well they should.