Trips and Getaways

If you are thinking about traveling to the mid-Atlantic region of the US, then pick up a copy of Trips and Getaways magazine ( This glossy mainstream magazine not only covers cool things to do in the area, but it also addresses access.

In fact, I have to applaud the editorial staff of Trips and Getaways, as they took access into account from get-go, when they contacted me to do a regular column on accessible travel. It’s called “Ask the Expert” and in it I answer questions about barrier-free travel in the region. Their target area is anything within a four-hour drive of Baltimore, so if you have a question about access in that area, then drop me an e-mail. I may well answer it in a future issue of the magazine.

Kudos to Trips and Getaways for making sure their magazine serves everyone.

Accessible travel really is going mainstream!