Afternoon in San Juan


Today we docked in San Juan and some of the folks in our group did a modified walking tour. I say “modified” because I hate to use the word accessible in a historic place like Old San Juan. Truth be told, there are cobblestones, bricks and high curbs in many places. Additionally, a good chunk of Old San Juan is uphill from the pier and the sidewalks are narrow; just wide enough for a wheelchair when they aren’t blocked by flower pots or garbage cans.

Still, the folks that joined the tour had a great time. Granted it was a little warm, but our guide took care to stop and rest in shady spots whenever possible. And he did plan out as accessible of a route as possible.

We had to arrange this tour ourselves with an outside provider because it wasn’t available from the shore excursion department. That’s usually the case, not just with RCI, but with most cruise lines. Unfortunately none of them have much of a selection of accessible — truly accessible — tours. Perhaps that will change as the Baby Boomers continue to age.

But we all had a great time, and that’s what counts.

And Mary climbed the wall on the ship yesterday. More on that (complete with photos) in the next issue of Emerging Horizons. It was awesome.