Malaysia Airlines Discount


It seems I?m always complaining about access issues when it has to do with Southeast Asian airlines these days; so I?m thrilled to be able to report some good news about them.

It appears that Malaysia Airlines is going “above and beyond” in their efforts to serve all of their customers, and that includes offering discounts to disabled passengers. They offer 50% off on domestic tickets for disabled passengers and a 25% discount for their escorts.

These discounts are available to passengers that the airline defines as “physically challenged”, a group which includes ambulatory passengers who use crutches and canes along with non-ambulatory wheelchair-users. So basically, slow walkers and wheelchair-users.

They also provide free wheelchair assistance at the airport (not necessarily the norm in this neck of the woods) and they even have a transit lounge (with light refreshment available) for disabled passengers at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Although it seems like a small thing, can you name one American airline that offers these kind of discounts? I can?t.

Indeed, things are looking up in Southeast Asia. Perhaps America will follow suit one day?