Off to the Springs


Well, we?re off to Palm Springs today. I wish I could say it was for pleasure, but it?s for a conference. Suffice it to say that I?m going to be spending most of the next few days meeting with PR folks to find new accessible destinations to cover in Emerging Horizons.

But we will have time for a few diversions, including a visit to one of my favorite air museums — the Palm Springs Air Museum. Those of you who know me, know that I?m a huge aircraft junkie. My dad was a pilot and I grew up going to air shows, and I never pass on the opportunity to visit (or re-visit) an air museum. Never! I also have a very annoying habit of looking up in the air when I hear an unusual aircraft, and then try to ID it, even if I?m in the middle of a conversation.

Anyway, not only does the Palm Springs Air Museum have an excellent collection of vintage aircraft, but many of the docents are veterans who actually flew some of the planes. How cool is that? I can keep going to the museum time and time again just to hear the stories.

And they have three of my favorite planes — a F4U Corsair (any Pappy Boyington fans out there?) a B17 Flying Fortress and a Stearman PT-17 — all in great condition. They even fly most of their planes. Like I said, I?m an aircraft junkie. So if you are ever in the area, check it out — the museum has excellent wheelchair access.

We?re also going to take in a Palm Springs Follies performance. If you haven?t been, I highly recommend it, as the folks at the follies go out of their way to make things accessible. They even have a “scooter-check” if you want to transfer into a seat. It?s fun night of musical entertainment, so again, if you?re in the area, check it out.

OK, gotta hit the road.