Barrier Free Travels Radio


Those of you who frequent this blog may have noticed a new link to “Barrier Free Travels Radio” over on the right. It?s pretty much what it sounds like — my radio show about Barrier Free Travels.

And here?s how it all came to be.

I thought about doing a podcast for a long time, but didn?t feel I had the time to spend with the technology end of producing and editing a radio show. So I moved on to other projects, but kept the radio show idea in the back of my mind.

As luck would have it, several months later a colleague dropped me an e-mail and asked if I would consider doing a regular travel segment for his hour-long radio show. It seemed the perfect match, because he would take care of all the production while I would devote my time to researching, writing and hosting the segments. So, Barrier Free Travels (the radio show) was born.

The show is part of the Independence Journal, which is broadcast on Thursday at 7:30 PM (EST) on WFNP 88.7. It reaches about a quarter-of- a-million listeners in the Hudson Valley of New York. My travel segments, along with resources from the show, are archived here, for those of you who don?t happen to live in the listening area. That?s what you?ll find in the “Barrier Free Travels Radio” link.

So give it a listen and let me know what you think. New segments will be continually added and I?m always interested in suggestions for guests, topics or just plain old feedback on the show. Drop me a line and tell me what you think of my new endeavor.

Oh, and as they say in radio land, thanks for listening!