Travel While You?re Young?


Although I?m all in favor of finding unique solutions to access obstacles, I have to give a big pfffffffffttttt to one suggestion I happened across yesterday.

Basically the premise of the article was simple. Since people get decrepit and disabled when they are old, we should just all travel while we are young and then basically become shut-ins for the rest of our life.

OK, perhaps that?s an oversimplification, but that?s what I took away form the article.

Although the author seemed to have some compassion, as he took his ailing mom and dad on a cruise; he also expressed a great deal of frustration at being held up by other old and disabled travelers who signed up for shore excursion that were “not for them”.

Again, another big pffffffft.

Who is to say what each person can do? In the end, isn?t each individual the best judge of their own abilities?

As for traveling while you are young, that?s great. I did it, but I didn?t stop when I passed some magical chronological milestone. And I have to say that the traveling I did when I was young was of a very different nature than what I do now. I remember backpacking and hostels and even sleeping on a bench at one point. I remember having less than $5 to my name in Paris. I even remember a few questionable decisions.

Today I look back at those times and chuckle a bit, but have no desire to relive them. Today I can afford to do things that I couldn?t when I was 20-something. And I?m going to do them. And if someone has to wait for me, then so be it. They can wait.

So although I think that traveling while you are young (however you define young) is a great idea; it?s not an access solution.

Travel while you?re young? Sure.

But don?t stop there!