Barrier Free Bests (and Worsts) of 2007


As the year draws to an end, I’ve decided to follow suit with many of my fellow bloggers and put together a list of memorable events, blog entries and resources from 2007.

Let’s start with my call on the biggest story in accessible travel in 2007. And that goes to the new EU regulations for increased accessibility to air travel.
European Flights More Accessible

Look for more improvements as the second part of the regulations are implemented in 2008.

On the other end of the spectrum, my biggest disappointment in 2007 was that the Access Board failed to approve the final architectural guidelines for passenger vessels (cruise ships). And they appear to be stalled again as they’ve convened a subcommittee to address the matter.
Another Committee!

My vote for the best move by an airline employee in 2007, goes to the quick witted flight attendant who told a rude passenger what exactly he could do with his coat!
Snappy Flight Attendant Comeback

And although I don’t allow direct comments in my blog (it turns into spam city, and I don’t have the time to monitor it) I do post comments that are e-mailed to me by readers. And my favorite reader comment of 2007 is Air France Feedback.

My favorite 2007 blog entry was (of course) Dead Woman Rolling, even though it had very little to do with access.

And finally, my favorite new blog for the year (aside from those old favorites listed in the right margin) is Travels With Jane, an entertaining read penned by Miami Herald Travel Editor, Jane Woolridge. There’s a special place in my heart for any travel editor who admits getting lost on her way to her home city airport. We could start a club!

Thanks for reading me in 2007 and here’s to a very prosperous and barrier free 2008.