New Chicago Access Guide

If a trip to Chicago is in your future, or you just want to lean about access in the windy city, then there?s some good news on the horizon for you; Chicago released its first access guide last week.

Patterned after the popular Access San Francisco produced by Access Northern California; Easy Access Chicago contains detailed access information on hotels, transportation, tourist sights and restaurants in Chicago. And the great news is, it?s available free from the Illinois Bureau of Tourism.

Easy Access Chicago is also available as a PDF file on the Easy Access Chicago website at The website actually contains more access information than the print version of the guide, plus it includes a handy advanced search feature that allows users to customize their hotel searches. So for example, if you were looking for a hotel in the loop with an open frame bed and a restaurant, you would just check those boxes and a list of properties matching that criteria would be returned.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I have to also say that hubby Charles designed the Easy Access Chicago website and the associated database. I had nothing really to do with it except maybe say, “Yeah I like the periwinkle”, and to offer up some moral support now and again. Still, in this election year, full disclosure is always good.

In any case, congratulations to the folks at Open Doors Organization, and to Laurel Van Horn who was in charge of this gargantuan project. As always, it?s nice to see one more access resource out there.