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More and more travel agents are handling accessible travel these days, especially cruise travel agents. To be honest, you really need to have some level of expertise in access issues if you sell cruise travel, because sooner or later you are going to have to make arrangements for a disabled client.

As far as sorting out the logistics, booking an accessible cabin isn?t that difficult, especially with assistance from the cruise line?s special needs department. But when it comes to planning for accessible shore excursions and ground transportation, then it gets a bit tricky. And then, there are those helpful tips you want to share with your clients before they sail. After all, that?s why they use travel agents — because of their expertise.

Well, although I can?t help with the shore excursions and ground transportation (besides referring you to Emerging Horizons and my books), I can offer up some tips to share with your disabled clients.

In fact they are featured at the end of Judi Erickson?s excellent article about accessible travel (All-Acess Pass), in the December 7 issue of Travel Age West.

My tips are only included in the on-line version so you?ll have to visit the Travel Age West website to get them.

But it?s just a short surf away — and it?s well worth the trip.