Super Update


I?ve had a lot of response about my blog entry about getting accessible seating at the Super Bowl.

The good news is, accessible seating at the University of Phoenix Stadium is excellent. As one reader put it, “It?s almost like being in a box because the accessible seating is roped off. Because of the setup, my husband didn?t have to put up with people bumping into his wheelchair, like he does at other venues.”

That?s great. Unfortunately as I reported earlier, getting accessible seats can be a challenge.

First off, I have to say that I?m not really a football fan, and in doing research for this blog I was simply astounded by the ticket prices for the Super Bowl. As I told a friend, for $5000 I expect the guys to be running around naked down there!! But I digress. Obviously people are willing to pay four and five figure ticket prices for a seat at the big game, so more power to them. We all have our preferences.

Anyway, back to access. I?ve talked to a lot of folks who got accessible seats at Super Bowls past. Those who got their free tickets through sponsors had no problems — they just asked for accessible seats and got them. After all, sponsors have a little pull.

As for the folks who purchased tickets from ticket brokers, well they initially were not given accessible seats, but were able to exchange them for accessible seating at the NFL booth at the stadium on game day. They also noted that the accessible section was largely occupied by able-bodied fans.

And then there were a few folks who were able to buy accessible seats directly from season ticket holders. And in the majority of cases, the seller didn?t require access, but had “inherited” the season tickets from a disabled relative. Still, many of these tickets were sold to wheelchair-users, so in the end it all worked out.

So there you have it — it is possible to get accessible seating if you have the time, the patience, the connections and the bucks. So if you?re lucky enough to have tickets, enjoy the game. And stick around Phoenix for a few days, as there are plenty of accessible diversions to enjoy there, as well as in nearby Scottsdale. Plus, chances are, the weather in Phoenix is probably better than the weather at home.

Have fun on game day, no matter where you are.