Syracuse Resort Update


I got a phone call today from Ifran Syed regarding a blog entry I wrote in December about the folks at Syracuse Resort — you remember them; they were the company that was going to convert a former developmental center (AKA lock up) into a dedicated “resort for the disabled”.

Mr. Syed said that they had reconsidered their options and they are now turning it into a luxury resort that will also have some accessible rooms. Much better choice, as nobody likes to be segregated, especially in an (ahem) former “developmental center”.

Mr. Syed attributed the change of heart to a “PR error”. He said that they always wanted to make their resort accessible but they just didn?t know how to promote that fact, and admittedly they went down the wrong road with the whole “resort for the disabled” idea.

In the end, they made the right choice. Kudos to Mr. Syed and his coworkers at Syracuse Resort, for choosing to develop a more inclusive property.