A Happy Ending


Remember Kristen from my Baaaad Baaaaad Innkeeper blog entry a few months back? When we last left our heroine, she was desperately searching for a place to spend her anniversary; a quiet, romantic inn that would also welcome her service dog Clifford.

Well, I’m pleased to report, that Kristen found such a property — one the I recommended to her — the Saratoga Inn on Whidbey Island, just off the coast of Washington.

I visited the property a few years ago while I was researching my “There is Room at the Inn” book, and I was impressed with both their access and their attitude. Apparently so was Kristen, as the innkeeper not only welcomed Clifford, but also invited Kristen to bring back her new service puppy in training when she gets one. Unfortunately Clifford has to be retired as a service animal due to a hearing loss that would make it impossible for him to perform his duties.

In any case, The Saratoga Inn gets a hearty recommendation from me. It really is a lovely place. So tell your friends and family to give them their business — these are the kind of properties that we want to succeed. And it goes without saying that we want the Baaaad Baaaad Innkeepers of the world to go away.

Whidbey Island, here we come!