Aeroflot Institutes Access Policies


Recently Aeroflot (Russia’s National Airline) released their new policies for transporting and screening disabled passengers. And lest you think they may be too strict, remember that previously there were no policies or uniform procedures; and in fact the airline routinely denied passage to disabled passengers. So this is major progress.

The new policy is outlined below.

Disabled passengers will be asked detailed questions about their degree of disability when they make their reservation.

Passengers with low or no vision may bring their service animal into the cabin, as long as they produce proper documentation. The service animal must be leashed and muzzled at all times.

All disabled passengers must be cleared at the airline medical center immediately prior to boarding.

Passengers with mobility disabilities will be able to sit in the first row of seats in the passenger cabin.

Six seats will also be reserved for passengers requiring a stretcher. Stretcher passengers must be attended by personnel from the airline medical center, and they will be taken to the medical center by special transport.

There will be no charge for transporting wheelchairs. They will be carried in the baggage compartment.

A power supply for life-sustaining equipment will be available on board.