Another Air France Oops!


Just when you thought it was safe to travel on Air France, they are back in the news once again for refusing to board a disabled passenger.

This time it wasn’t just your average private sector passenger who got the boot — it was Michelle Daley, a advisor to the French government on disability equality. Apparently Ms. Daley was trying to fly from Paris to Heathrow, when the captain questioned her about her ability to walk. After she told him that she was unable to walk, an animated conversation took place between the captain and the stewards. In the end, the captain decided that she could not fly because she was “a safety and health risk to everyone on the plane.”

So it was back to the departure lounge for Ms. Daley.

Air France claims that the aircraft she was about to board was “not set up for the disabled” even though her travel agent verified the access arrangements when the flight was originally booked.

Later in the day Ms. Daley took a BMI flight to Heathrow without incident. Apparently they didn’t feel she was such a huge health risk.

Ironically, Ms, Daley was on her way to London to attend a conference on accessible transportation when the Air France incident took place.