Heading East


Well, it?s another early airport day here. Have to catch a 5:50 AM flight. We?ll be on the road past the first of the month; mostly traveling in PA and MD. Since I also do a regular Q&A column for Trips & Getaways magazine I have to head back that way for a little editorial research.

I found a great romantic getaway spot in Columbia, in answer to one reader?s question about where to take his wife for their 25th wedding anniversary. I?m especially excited because they just added an accessible suite and sounds just perfect for him.

Of course we?re also going to visit a nice little B&B in PA Amish Country, head on over to Fallingwater and then check out some of the York County factory tours. It should be a very busy trip.

Plus I?ll have a chance to catch up and have lunch with Ann Litt of Undiscovered Britain and Ireland. I?ve known Ann for at least 10 years, and she?s the real expert in all things UK ? including access. We?re heading over to Ireland for some R&R next month so I had Ann map out an itinerary for us and make all the plans. It was nice having some else do all the work, when that?s what I have to do in my job anyway. So it will be fun seeing what she has in store for us.

Time to throw a few last things in the suitcase and head off to the airport. I?m going to sleep like a baby on this flight!