UAL Changes Baggage Policy (Again)


A quick look at the UAL website this morning yielded some good news for a change. It appears they have changed their ?excess baggage? policy, yet again, in regards to wheelchairs and other assistive devices.

When we last visited this issue, UAL had just instituted a $25 charge for a second bag. This policy was set to go into effect in May, but they posted it in advance to give folks some warning. And according to their FAQs on the UAL website, that $25 charge was also going to apply to assistive devices, beyond one wheelchair ? things like a commode chair or a shower chair, UAL-to-Charge-for-Medical-Equipment. But that was over a month ago, an eternity in the airline business.

Today the UAL FAQs have been edited to read: ?An extra wheelchair may be checked and not be part of your checked bag allowance (or assessed a fee) if it is strictly for mobility purposes or is required to make a living. Other medical assistive devices are also exempt from the service fee.?

So it appears we are back where we started, which in the end is a good thing. So, start packing those commode chairs!

Oh and for what it’s worth, as expected people are carrying more and more stuff aboard UAL flights in order to avoid the extra charges. Last week we took four UAL flights, and in all cases the overhead bins were crammed full when only half of the passengers had boarded. Lot’s of stuff had to be gate checked. So if anyone from UAL is reading this ? your gate agents need to start enforcing the carry-on limits so everyone can have room for their stuff!!!