Ticked Off at Ticket!


Earlier this month a Greenville, SC woman got a ticket for parking in an accessible parking space. Not an unusual occurrence, but this story has a little twist to it.

Apparently Topeka Mendoza was taking her mom to the store when the incident occurred. Now mom is disabled, so Topeka dropped her off near the front door of the store and then went to park.

She had mom’s placard and she parked in an accessible space.

Was it legal?

No, not according to the officer who wrote out the $440 ticket.

The caveat is that the disabled individual has to actually be in the vehicle at the time you park it.

At first I thought, well that’s not fair. I mean Ms. Mendoza was just dropping off mom so she would be closer to the door, so you shouldn’t penalize her for that.

But then I thought about it for a bit, and I changed my mind. If mom wasn’t in the car when Topeka parked, then why should she be taking up an accessible parking space? A space that somebody else who really needed it could use.

I mean it’s not like the placard is a bonus gift you get when you become disabled. It’s for you to use to make it easier to get around.

Truth be told, Topeka had no need for the accessible space, so she shouldn’t have taken it. Granted it’s an expensive lesson to learn, but hopefully she learned it.

And, in the end, that means there will be one more accessible parking space available. And that’s a very good thing.