A Toilet to Remember


It seems I spend a lot of time in restrooms. Not personal time, but as part of my work. Restrooms are very important, as everybody needs them, and I check to make sure they are accessible. Sure, I know most folks think that in this day and age, everything is accessible, but unfortunately that’s just not true. That’s pretty much why I travel with a tape measure.

But I digress.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to see the fifth place winner in the 2007 America’s Best Restroom contest. It was quite attractive, complete with lots of artwork, a chandelier, a valance over each stall and even an autographed photo of Joan Rivers in one stall. And best of all, it was accessible, with a very spacious accessible stall, grab bars in the stall and a roll-under sink.

It’s nice to see a restroom (or anything) that is both accessible and attractive.

And if you want to see it too, then wander by Fandangles’ restaurant in (and I’m not kidding) Flushing, Michigan.

Form and function.

Oh yes, and some really good food too!