A New Travel Agent Resource

For years I’ve been answering accessible travel questions posed by anyone (including travel agents) on my Ask the Expert website. And although I’ll still keep answering traveler’s questions there, I’d like to direct travel agents to a new resource.

Early this sring, TravelAge West Editor-in-Chief Ken Shapiro asked me to be the resident accessible travel expert for their new Travel Agent Q&A section on the TravelAge West website. Since I’ve written accessible travel content for their print magazine for years, it seemed a no-brainer to accept the generous offer; so starting this month, I’ll be addressing all the accessible travel questions they receive.

Additionally, my Barrier Free Travels blog will be featured on their site, which means that more travel agents will be likely to find it. In the end that will mean that many travel agents will become better educated on the specifics of accessible travel. And that’s a very good thing.

So if you are a travel agent with an accessible travel question, just e-mail it to letters@travelagewest.com and put “Ask TAW” in the subject line. Questions can be about any aspect of accessible travel, but they can’t be itinerary-specific. In other words, I can’t help you plan a client’s itinerary, but I can give you the tools to research it and plan it on your own.

And you travelers can keep those accessible travel questions coming directly to me at Candy@EmergingHorizons.com. Additionally, you might want to have a gander at the index of the Ask the Expert questions already addressed, as your question may have already been asked and answered.

So keep those e-mails coming; and remember, the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked.