Will Gyno Ride?


Well there’s another service ferret in the news this week. The last incident, as you may recall, took place in San Antonio, Texas. This time the saga is unfolding in Ottawa, Canada. In short, OC Transpo has prohibited Gyno, the aforementioned service ferret, from riding the public bus.

As the story goes, Frances Woodard suffers from some sort of anxiety disorder which triggers panic attacks when she goes out in public; however Gyno senses when she is about to have one, and is able to distract her, which apparently lessens or stops the attacks.

Under Ontario law, all Frances needs to do is provide a letter from her psychiatrist stating the Gyno is her emotional support animal. She has already done that, but there’s a catch. Since some of the OC Transpo buses cross over into Quebec, the company claims it’s outside the jurisdiction of provincial law. Instead they cite their own regulations which require all service animals to be trained and registered with a recognized service animal organization.

Despite their own regulations, Gyno was previously allowed to ride the bus, however his access card was revoked due to fears about allergies and phobias of other passengers or possible adverse reactions from service dogs.

The Canadian Transportation Agency will ultimately decide Gyno’s fate, as Woodward has lodged a formal complaint against OC Transpo.

Will Gyno ride? Well unlike our own regulatory agencies, the more liberal CTA has a long record of siding with consumers. Still it’s anyone’s guess.