Air France Turns over New Leaf


I’d be remiss in my duties if I didn’t mention a press release I got last week from Air France. First off, I couldn’t believe they actually sent me a press release, but I digress.

I know it’s hard to believe folks, but the same airline that denied passage to Michelle Daly because she was “a safety and health risk to everyone aboard”; and told another passenger without any limbs that “a head a bottom and a torso couldn’t possible fly on it’s own“; actually put out a pro-disability press release.

Apparently the airline is touting the fact that they transported some 200 paralympic athletes to Beijing last week. OK, call me skeptical, but they are the national air carrier – how else were the athletes going to get to Beijing? By bus?

But in all fairness to Air France, they also now have somewhat of a disability training program for their flight attendants. Apparently 1,000 Air France flight attendants have earned the status of “disabled passenger referents” after a 3.5 hour training program. On the down side, Air France employs some 16,000 cabin crew members, so it’s pretty much a drop in the bucket. But at least it’s something.

Still I think it’s kind of hard for a leopard to change its spots overnight. I have received more complaints about Air France than any other airline, so I’m taking a wait and see approach before I jump on the Air France bandwagon.

It’s a good start, but color me skeptical for the moment.