Gyno Update


Well it seems that the big “ferret controversy” up in Ottowa, has finally been resolved. As you may recall, the whole brouhaha started when Gyno the service ferret was denied permission to ride the public bus.

Subsequently a hearing was scheduled to decide the mater, but apparently it was resolved by the parties beforehand. In the end, Gyno was given back his bus pass. Additionally a bill that clearly defines what a service animal is was also introduced by a local council woman.

Down in the US we don’t see things the same way though. In fact, the recently amended Air Carrier Access Act specifically states that airlines are never required to accept snakes, other reptiles, ferrets, rodents and spiders as service animals.

So I guess Gyno will just have to make do with his bus pass, as he won’t be taking to the friendly skies any time in the near future.