New Accessible Van Resource


I find new accessible travel resources in a variety of ways – from reader recommendations and PR Rep pitches, to my own intensive research and gut instinct. In the end, sometimes it just boils down to plain old good luck. That’s what was in play yesterday as Charles and I were cruising down the freeway, on the way home from a full day of errands.

There it was in the left lane.

A white van with a blue wheelchair symbol on it. At first I thought it was a paratransit van, but then I noticed writing on the back window that advertised van rentals. I had never heard of the company before, so I jotted down the website so I could investigate it further when I got home.

As it turns out, Sacramento Van Conversions also has a large rental fleet. This is sometimes the case with many van conversion firms, however it’s an often overlooked travel resource. And here’s the really good part. Not only does Sacramento Van Conversions offer rental services in the Sacramento area, but they will also deliver their vans to Sacramento and San Francisco airports. This is great news for travelers!

In any case, if you’ve planning to visit Northern California, give them a call to see what kind of deal they can offer you. And if you are looking for an accessible rental van in another location, look up the local van conversion places to see if they offer rentals. You never know – you may find a good deal. Like I said, it’s a resource that’s often overlooked by travelers.