Celebrity Misses the Access Boat on New Ship


I found an interesting post on Connie George’s wheelchair cruising blog, regarding access aboard the new Celebrity Solstice. Connie is a travel agent who specializes in accessible cruising, so she went on a one night pre-inaugural cruise to nowhere to check out the new ship. She then wrote a two-part review of the ship. Although the first blog post points out the positives, the second one notes some access glitches.

One problem is the lack of level thresholds to the accessible rooms, while another issue is that there are some steep ramps out to the “accessible” balconies. OK, the balcony can be tough to access because of limited space, but RCI seems to do a good job of balcony access on most of their ships. On the other hand, the lips at the entry doors are very distressing. Having a level entry is pretty basic. There were also some issues with the sink – it’s very nice looking, but not truly a roll-under.

Connie reports that Celebrity is going to address those issues, but I’ve heard that line before. So if you are thinking about sailing on Solstice, I’d ask for photos of the cabin, including the balcony access and the front door threshold, before booking. I’d also ask for some measurements on the depth of that sink, to make sure it will be accessible to you.

Thanks Connie, for the heads up on this new ship!