New Accessible Taxi Design


Accessible taxi service is now expanding to mid-size cities – cities like Poughkeepsie, NY. And the ones in Poughkeepsie aren’t your average ramped-van type of accessible taxis. They’re an entirely new design, one that works for taxi companies and passengers alike.

Manufactured by MetroKing Motors of Poughkeepsie, this new design uses a Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck chassis with a customized passenger compartment. All of the models include an attachable ramp, wide doors and plenty of room for even a full-size wheelchair or scooter on board. All of the models are accessible, but they do double duty as they can also be used as regular taxis. If I had to compare them to something, the London Black Cabs come to mind; because of their versatility and their size.

Yellow Cab of Poughkeepsie bought three of these new vehicles, and owner William Boynar is very happy with them. Although he also runs a medical transportation company, he noted that he’s surprised (and happy) by the demand for the accessible models. They seem to make economic sense too, as they are a little cheaper than ramped-vans.

These new larger cabs can also accommodate strollers and they’re great for airport runs as there’s lot of space for extra luggage. In the end, they are very versatile vehicles, with accessibility just being one of their features.

So perhaps this is the start of something. Wouldn’t it be great if all taxis were accessible, and you didn’t have to call a special number for a ramped taxi van?

This new design definitely has some possibilities.