Alaska Airlines New Baggage Policy


Alaska Airlines in the latest air carrier to jump on the “charge for checked baggage” bandwagon, with their new baggage policy set to go into effect this summer. The new policy applies to all tickets purchased after May 1, 2009 for travel after July 7, 2009 — just in time for the busy summer cruise season.

For coach passengers, the charge for the first bag will be $15, a second bag will set you back $25, and a third bag will cost $50. First-class passengers can check two bags free of charge. The maximum weight for all checked bags is 50 pounds; however if a piece of luggage exceeds that limit, the passenger will be charged the fee in the next category. These charges apply to one-way travel, so just double them for a round-trip.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how this will effect disabled travelers, and the bottom line is, it won’t. Alaska Airlines specifically excludes assistive devices from their new policy, and the airline will continue to transport them for free. That’s good news all the way around, as Alaska is a very popular cruise destination for wheelers and slow walkers.

So pack your bags and rest assured, you won’t be charged more on Alaska Airlines just because you’re disabled.