Moss Landing Open House

My friend Melanie from the Captain’s Inn (who makes the best pumpkin pancakes) just sent me some information about an upcoming local event — the annual Moss Landing Marine Research Facilities Open House. And as luck would have it, it’s free!

Slated for April 25-26, from 9 AM to 5 PM, the open house is an opportunity for the public to see what goes on behind the scenes, meet the scientists and learn about their research in the Monterey Canyon. There will be tours of the research facilities, displays, touch tanks and even lectures and seminars. Seafood and baked goodies will also be available for purchase.

It’s great fun for all ages, and a must-do for anyone with an interest in marine biology. I’d go myself, except I will be learning how to drive a houseboat on Lake Powell that weekend. Maybe next year.

Melanie assures me that both labs are wheelchair-accessible, so folks should have no problems seeing the displays and equipment or attending the lectures. Lot’s of accessible parking is also available.

The facilities are located at 8272 Moss Landing Road. For more information, visit the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories website or call (831) 771-4400.