New Attraction Pass Offers Substantial Savings


There are several ways to save money while on vacation; including paring down your itinerary and visiting less expensive and even free attractions. On the other hand, you don’t have to completely deny yourself the must-sees on your next trip, just because they may be a little over priced. Why? Because with a little advance planning you can still save money with a multi-day attraction pass. And the new kid on the block — Go Card — offers some money saving deals in a number of top tourist destinations.

The Go Card is a pretty simple concept. It looks like a debit card; and when you visit an included attraction, the card is swiped and you are granted admission. You can purchase a day-long or multi-day card. If you plan on visiting a number of included attractions, the savings can add up; but if you only visit a few you could loose money. That’s why advance planning is essential.

Let’s take the San Francisco Go Card for example. The one-day pass is $49.99 while the seven-day pass is $135.99. Although you may plan on spending longer than a day in the city, you might only need the Go Card for a few days. But it’s easy to plan things out, because the Go Card website lists all the included attractions. The Go Card also comes with a pocket-size city guide, which makes travel planning easier.

In most cases a lot of cultural attractions are included on the Go Card. In San Francisco you can visit a bevy of museums, including the deYoung, the Asian Art Museum, The Contemporary Jewish Museum, the Legion of Honor and the SFMOMA. And the good news is, all of these attractions also offer excellent wheelchair-access; including plenty of accessible parking, barrier-free pathways and elevator access to all floors.

Go Cards are currently available for Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Maui, Orlando, San Diego Seattle, Oahu and Miami. Prices vary by location, and the clock begins ticking when you first use the card.

So check it out on your next vacation. The Go Card could end up being just the right deal for you.