Most Accessible UK Lodging Options


My good friend and UK travel expert, Ann Litt sent me a link to, “Top 10 Accessible Stays in the UK“; an informative article which lists and describes 10 very accessible lodging choices in the UK. I was impressed with the article, partly because the writer actually described the access (you don’t see that much), and partly because of the wide range of accommodations he featured.

I’ve toured the accessible rooms mentioned at the Copthorne Tara, and found them to be very accessible; however the other nine choices sound interesting as well. And very accessible.

Ann gives high marks to another featured property, the Cringletie House, located just 20 miles south of Edinburgh. Not only does this manor house have all the bells and whistles as far as access is concerned, but in many cases the owners went far beyond the minimum requirements. In short they just have a good attitude, and as we all know, attitude is very important!.

As far as Ann’s qualifications, rest assured that she understands access issues as her company (Undiscovered Britain & Ireland) has specialized in accessible travel to Britain and Ireland for many, many years. Ann knows that seeing is believing, and she spends a good chunk of her time evaluating the access of attractions and lodging options across the big pond. She is kind of like the EF Hutton of the accessible travel world — when she recommends something, you really should listen!

So check out the article and start planning your holiday today! There are really some great options over there.