Wall to Wall Wheelchairs?


Every now and then I read something that really irks me. Such was the case today, when I was scanning some archived posts on a cruise message board.

The post in question was obviously left by an ignorant individual who complained that her last cruise was “wall to wall wheelchairs” and she was miffed because “you couldn’t go anywhere without going around them.” Well, duh, what else are you going to do when you encounter a wheelchair? Go through it?

Then Ms. Whiner went on to complain about how long it took the people with walkers to go through the buffet line. Give me a break. A offer of help might have been a nice gesture. I’m sure the people with walkers were going as fast as they could. And last time I looked there was an ample supply of food at the buffets. In fact, I’ve never heard of anyone starving to death on a cruise.

And then there was debarkation. Apparently our unhappy cruiser was upset that they “let the wheelchair and walker people off first”. Again, I have to say, duh. They do that so they won’t get trampled by the masses. And again, the ship isn’t going anywhere. I guarantee you will get your chance to disembark. First, last, middle – what difference does it make if you don’t have a mobility issue?

Apparently she doesn’t like kids much either, as she compared her cruise experience to “Disneyland and dodging all the strollers.” I’m not even going to touch that one. It’s just too easy.

I guess the point of this post is, there are inconsiderate jerks in the world. Hopefully Ms. Whiner was so disgusted by her experience, that she will never cruise again. We can only hope.

But, boy it really feels good to blow off a little steam!