Save California’s State Parks!

It’s sad that it has to come to this, but California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is proposing to close 80% of California’s state parks in order to balance our budget. That translates in to 220 state park closures that would net a $143 million savings for the state. I know it sounds like a lot, but really it’s just a drop in the bucket.

I understand that programs have to be cut and sacrifices have to be made, but if this proposal is adopted, not only will it seriously hurt the economy, but it will also drastically reduce accessible recreation opportunities throughout the state.

Just look at the number of accessible trails, beaches and recreational opportunities in Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area alone.

And they would all vanish under Arnie’s plan.

When you examine the proposed list of closures, it’s just overwhelming. And the sad fact is, most of the parks that offer accessible facilities and programs are the ones slated to be shuttered. Take a look at the list! The ones that will remain open are recreation areas that are self funded, mostly through boating fees and other programs.

Now I totally understand that there are more important things than state parks, but in this economy many folks are turning to them for accessible recreation and vacation choices. Plus Arnie’s move would put thousands of Californians out of work, and cause many associated businesses to fold.

I keep wondering what the people in Columbia State Historic Park will do. I mean, how do close an entire city?

Sadly this effects all Californians, so if you are as bothered about this as I am (or even if you aren’t), visit Save Our State Parks to find out what you can do.

It only takes a minute to write a letter to Arnie telling him how you feel. Let your voice be heard.