Last Minute Scooter Rental Saved the Cruise


Although I always encourage folks to plan ahead when it comes to accessible travel, sometimes things don’t quite work out that way.

Such is the case with one reader who is a self-defined slow walker. She can’t do distances at all, and she needs to sit down and rest a lot. At home, she uses a scooter when she shops at stores that provide them; but otherwise she just takes things at her own pace.

So when she first booked her Alaska cruise last year, her friends and family urged her to rent a scooter for the cruise. The all explained that the ships are huge and she would tire easily. They told her that renting a scooter was easy, and it could also be delivered to her stateroom. And they even gave her the phone numbers for a few scooter rental companies.

All to no avail. She proclaimed she would just do what she had always done at home — take her time and sit down and rest when she got tired.

But she changed her tune when a canceled flight and an unexpected overnight stay in her connecting city left her exhausted when she arrived at the port. Fortunately she also found the Care Vacations scooter rental booth in the main lobby at Canada Place. She rented a scooter before she boarded and she was able to save her vacation.

So since the Alaska cruise season is in full swing, I decided to post this as a resource for those of you who also thought you could make do without a scooter. It’s not too late – you can still pick one up in Vancouver before you board the ship.

After spending all that money on the cruise, you want to be able to enjoy it; and you won’t be able to do that if you are exhausted.

So look for that Care Vacations booth in Canada Place.

And have a great cruise!