Charles & I Are Adopting


Don’t get excited, we’re not adopting a human child or even another feathered friend. We don’t have the stamina for the former and we already have enough of the latter! Instead we are adopting a teddy bear. Yes, I said a teddy bear; more specifically one of SATW’s Traveling Teddies.

For those of you unfamiliar with the organization or the program, SATW is the acronym for the Society of American Travel Writers, of which I’m a member. Basically it’s a professional organization, however it does have many community outreach components. The Traveling Teddies program is one of those components, and the program serves to educate grade school children about geography and inspire them to explore the world.

A number of SATW writers travel with their own Traveling Teddy, then adopt a local class and share their adventures with those students. Well, I was just notified by the Traveling Teddy Chair that they have a little girl bear in a wheelchair and they thought Charles and I would be good adoptive parents. Presumably because we know about the ins and out of accessible travel, but also I expect because we are just stellar folks.

I’ll be honest, I’m not exactly a stuffed animal fan, so I was very hesitant to become involved with this program at first. But eventually the educational component won me over, as it will be the opportunity to share information with teachers, parents and kids; and help them understand that it’s still possible to travel, even if you roll rather than walk.

And since I’m not in one place long enough to adopt a class, I’ve decided to share our bear’s adventures with a wider audience — worldwide to be specific — on my blog here.

Our bear — Cherrie — will be arriving here in the next few weeks; just in time for us to pack her up in the car and take her on our cross country road trip. And her travels will be chronicled here in the Traveling Cherrie category of my blog.

Of course Charles will be very involved in this project as well, as this is going to be a very visual portion of my blog, with lots of photos. So tell your friends to have a look.

At the very least I promise it will be entertaining. And I hope it will be educational as well.

And if you have any questions for Cherrie, just send them to me at, and I’ll ask her and post the answers here!

Stay tuned.