Brown County Back Roads


Today we meandered along the back roads of Brown County and visited some local artist’s studios. There are a lot of artists to choose from in the area — from photographers, potters and painters to furniture makers, jewelry makers and even basket weavers. Most of these folks have their studios in or near their homes, so it’s a great opportunity to meet and chat with artists and even see them at work.

We all had a very enjoyable afternoon — even when we got lost — but Cherrie’s favorite stop was at Chris Gustin’s  Homestead Weaving studio in Columbus, Indiana. For starters, Chris’ studio is wheelchair-accessible via a ramp from the parking area. But we enjoyed the visit primarily because Chris is a very engaging person, with a passion for her work. She has a number of looms in her studio and she crafts rugs, clothing, bags, placemats and other accessories from recycled materials — or what she refers to as “industry excess”.

And her work is beautiful!

We had a hard time narrowing our choices down, but we finally selected a rug to take home with us. Chris also noticed that Cherrie needed a wheelchair cushion, so she insisted that Cherrie take one as a gift.

If we were going to be in the area longer, we would have also signed up for one of Chris’ day classes. She teaches folks to use the loom and they are able to go home with a completed project that same day. Plus, Chris has experience with working with wheelchair-users — from her volunteer projects — so she can help select an appropriate project, and set the loom up to accommodate wheleers.

So if you are in the area, and are feeling a little artistic, be sure and look up Chris. You won’t be disappointed!