Free Admission to Alaska Wildlife Sanctuary


If your travels take you up near Fairbanks, Alaska, then be sure and stop in at the Wedgewood Wildlife Preserve, where there’s no admission charge.

Located next to Wedgewood Resort, this 75-acre refuge provides a habitat for a variety of Alaskan wildlife, and includes two wheelchair-accessible trails. The trails are step-free and covered with compacted gravel. There are also benches located along the trails, so slow walkers can take a break.

The 0.7-mile Taiga Trail loops over Isabella Slough and through a mosaic of boreal forest habitats; then winds along the western shore of Wander Lake, where visitors can enjoy the view from the large observation deck.

The new 0.8-mile Wander Lake Trail loops around a small lake and passes by a beaver lodge, water meadow, photography blind and newly developed shallows designed to attract wading birds and provide rearing habitat for non-game fish living in the lake.

So take a walk on the wild side on your next visit up north. It’s easy on your wallet and very accessible.