Getting Ready to Hit the Road


Well, we’re putting the finishing touches on our road trip, so I thought I’d sit down with Cherrie and go over our plans. After all, half the fun of any trip is planning for it.

We’re set to leave next week, and we’ll be gone for about a month. The trip will take us from California to the East Coast; where we’ll turn south and then make another right and go through Tennessee and Kentucky. They we’ll head over to Missouri and down to Arkansas, before heading home via the Southern route; through Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.

All in all, we will travel through 21 states, and we’ll put well over 7,000 miles on our car. In most cases we’ll only overnight in a town, but in some cases we’ll stay for a few nights.

And along the way we’ll stop and review some wheelchair-accessible things to do. In fact, that’s the whole reason for the trip. There’s a whole lot of really cool things to see in the US, many of which are accessible. And some might be just right around the corner from you.

So follow us on our trip. You might spy a favorite place of yours, or even see something you’ve always wanted to visit.

There’s one thing I can promise though — it will be fun!