Middletown Heritage Days


Laurie and Candy at the 25th Annual Middletown Heritage Days Festival.

I actively seek out festivals and events wherever I travel, as many are free and most are wheelchair-accessible. Plus it gives me a taste of the local culture. So I was very excited when my friend Laurie (pictured with me on the left) invited us to join her at the 25th Annual Middletown Heritage Days Festival.

As luck would have it, this small Maryland town was a good stop on our way to Baltimore. Well, OK, it wasn’t exactly on the way, but Maryland is such a small state that it was easy to make a detour. And I’m glad I did because Cherrie had a great time at the festival!

This annual festival celebrates Middletown’s German and Civil War heritage. We missed the parade, but I’m told it was great. We did however get to see the fife and drum corps parade down Main Street later that day. And we arrived in plenty of time for the firing of the cannon, and for a chance to wander through the Civil War encampment.

Of course there was a lot of great food there, and Cherrie had a hard time deciding between a crab cake sandwich or Big Nate’s BBQ. Big Nate eventually won out, and I have to agree that it was an excellent choice.

There was plenty of free entertainment too, with a new band playing almost every hour.

Cherrie shops for a new dress.

And then there was the street fair, which was probably one of Cherrie’s favorite activities. She liked it because she got a chance to shop for a new dress. Laurie – who I have to say has excellent taste – spotted one that she’ll be sporting later in the trip.

Like I said, we all had a great time. Most of the events took place on Main Street, which is closed off to traffic for the day. The street is pretty level, so it’s easy to roll along. Of course there are lots of people there, so you have to be careful, but like I said, the people are what really make festivals fun!

So if you happen to be near Middletown, Maryland next September, then drop by for their 26th Annual Heritage Days Festival.

You won’t be disappointed.