Virgin Blue Changes Wheelchair Policy


Good news from down under. Virgin Blue recently amended their policy regarding wheelchair-users traveling solo. The result? Now more wheelchair-users are free to fly Virgin Blue without having to shell out the extra bucks for an attendant to accompany them on their journey.

Their old policy was especially costly to some folks – those folks who didn’t require attendant care at their destination. Folks like the Australian Paralympics medalist tried to board a Virgin Blue Airlines, but was refused passage because he was not accompanied by a carer.

Previously, Virgin Blue required that disabled passengers had to be able to “fit themselves with an oxygen mask and otherwise assist in the case of an emergency” in order to travel unaccompanied.

But all that changed last week.

The new standard?

“Travellers with special needs who can understand and respond to emergency situations can travel by themselves without having to purchase another ticket for a carer.”

It should also be noted that this change was the result of an out-of-court settlement with Australian disability rights advocates.

That’s great news. Hopefully more airlines in Australia, Africa and the Far East will follow suit. Because there’s still a whole lot of denied boarding going on in these areas.

But for now, you can take Virgin Blue off your no-fly list!