Wheeling Around Indy


After a short drive from Rockford, and a brief pinic stop along the way to enjoy our leftover pizza, we’re staying in Indianapolis for a few days. Not only is Indianapolis the capitol of Indiana, but it was also chosen as America’s Most Accessible City this year. It’s pretty famous for the big Indianapolis 500 race, but it also has a lot of fun cultural attractions, a great downtown area and some very accessible tourist attractions.

Of course Cherrie has a few favorites.

At the top of her list is the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. In a word, it’s enormous.

Cherrie really liked the Dinosphere exhibit on the main level, where she could wheel through one of the largest displays of dinosaur fossils in the United States. She also had a chance to talk to a paleontologist about his work and learn a bit from all of the interactive exhibits. We pretty much had to pull her away, so we could have a look at the other three floors of the museum.

Another favorite exhibit was Take Me There Egypt, which features the sights and sounds of Egypt. From the streets of Cairo to the pyramids, there are lots of things to explore. Cherrie’s favorite part was learning about the ecosystem of the Nile River and coming eye-to-eye with a crocodile. It wasn’t real, but it certainly was fun to see. Cherrie decided that she’d rather not see a real one that up-close-and -personal!

And since Cherrie loves animals, we thought a visit to the Indianapolis Zoo would be a good choice. And boy were we right!

She had fun petting the sharks and laughing at the penguins, but she really liked Critter Corner, where she came eye-to-eye with some animals her own size. She really kind of bonded with the bantam chickens.

And she had lot of fun playing in the wheelchair-accessible playground, next to the cafe. She really loved the slide.

Tomorrow we are heading south to Brown County, Indiana, but since it’s pretty rural we probably won’t have an internet connection. Still, we’re looking forward to it , as we’ve found some fun accessible things to do there!

Stay tuned!