Scotrail Limits Scooter Size


If a train trip through Scotland is in your future, then it’s best to be aware of Scotrail’s size limitations for assistive devices, especially if you are a scooter-user.

Just ask John Dunsmore, a scooter-user who was recently denied passage because his Mayfair Freerider scooter was five centimeters too long. That’s less than 2 inches.

Now I could see this limitation if in fact John was unable to maneuver his scooter into place on the train. But that’s not the case. In fact, John demonstrated to station officials that he could board the train and park his scooter in the designated wheelchair space.

But still, the answer was no.

So, if you are traveling to the area, it’s best to be aware of Scotrail’s policy. They do not allow scooters longer than 105 centimeters (41.3 inches) on board. And apparently they are very strict about the policy.

On the plus side, John is soliciting the help of his MP to bring the issue up in the Scottish Parliament. He’s quite determined. And I wish him luck.

IMHO, Scotrail is being a tad bit petty about it all. If John (or anyone) is able to fit his scooter aboard, he should be able to ride.

Wake up and smell the coffee Scotrail!