New Accessible Travel Resource


I reconnected with a friend last week, and in the process discovered a new accessible travel resource. It had been years since I’d heard from Darryl. I can’t recall how we first met, but we have shared a lot of accessible travel resources over the years.

Darryl loved to take family trips with his wife and son. Tim (his son) uses a power wheelchair because of cerebral palsy, and Darryl became the master travel planner. And I have to say that he didn’t always go to the most accessible places, but he made it all work. He shared his adventures on his old World on Wheels website.

Well, times have changed. Darryl wrote to inform me that Tim is now a college graduate. I don’t know how that is possible, because the last time I saw “little Timmy” he was just 7 or 8; and I certainly haven’t aged that much. I’m sure Tim would just cringe at me calling him “little Timmy”, but I can’t help it because that’s just how I remember him.

These days Tim still likes to travel, but now he plays a more active role in the trip planning process. And dad and son have launched a new blog about their travels. Not only are they writing about new trips, but they are also migrating some of the content from the old website over to their new blog. It promises to be a great read, and I’ve already put it on my favorites list and added it our Emerging Horizons resources.

So surf on over to and check it out. And say hi to “little Timmy” for me”.