Access Denied in Hong Kong


I love Hong Kong, but it’s not exactly the most accessible place in the world. Still,’ with some advance planning and a rugged attitude, it is possible for some wheelers and slow walkers to travel there.

People like Mr. Zhu, who freely admits travel is more of a challenge for him because of his wheelchair; but since he loves to travel, he’s not willing to give it up.

And so he booked a package tour from his home in China to Hong Kong. And China Posts and Telecom Tours (CPTT) was certainly happy to take his money. Mr. Zhu of course notified the company that he was a paraplegic before he booked the tour, and that didn’t seem to be a problem.

Until he got to Hong Kong, that is.

In short, Mr. Zhu, his wife and a private nurse were hotel-bound for the length of the trip, because the group’s bus driver refused to let him get on the bus. To say his trip was ruined was an understatement. And although CPTT reportedly refunded Mr. Zhu’s money; apparently their attitude remains unchanged. In fact, a representative of CPTT was quoted in the China Daily as saying, “It causes trouble to have disabled people in tourist groups. Trouble for themselves and for the agency.”

I’m not sure how CPTT thinks disabled people should travel. Or maybe they think that they should all just stay home? In any case, it doesn’t look like they’ll be changing their attitude any time soon, so that’s one more company to add to the “do not use list”.

Ignorance is sad. Very, very sad.