San Antonio Riverwalk Boasts Access Upgrades


I just love the San Antonio Riverwalk. It’s a great place to stay, as you can hop on a river taxi or just walk along the river and enjoy a variety of shops and delicious restaurants. It’s all very convenient.

And although efforts have been made over the years to improve this historic area, time has taken its toll on a few sections. Tree roots have lifted up portions of the sidewalk, and some sections now slope downward to the river. And then there are some parts which are just old and crumbling. But there is good news on the access horizon. In fact, San Antonio contractors have been working hard to eliminate Riverwalk access obstacles since January 2009.

In the Hertzberg section of the Riverwalk, workers have leveled the sidewalk, added some handrails and built a new river wall. The walkway in front of the Marriott Riverwalk was also repaired and the wheelchair ramp was extended to comply with access codes. And last but not least, contractors are currently working to make the floating sidewalk in front of La Maison del Rio Hotel wheelchair-accessible.

The upgrades are expected to be completed by late February. When finished, there will be an accessible pathway from the historic horseshoe bend area all the way to the new Museum Reach section of the Riverwalk. It should be noted there are still steps up to the historic bridges, but the city of San Antonio has created a nifty access map with the accessible over crossings clearly marked.

I love starting out the new year with good access news, and I look forward to seeing the Riverwalk access improvements for myself this fall. Good job San Antonio!