Will Canadian Carry-on Ban Affect Disabled Travelers?


Well, it was bound to happen. In the aftermath of the underwear bomber incident,
Canadian airlines are now limiting carry-on items on all US-bound flights. So
what does that mean to disabled travelers?

Gladly it seems that the authorities have at least looked at the issue sensibly, and have exempted many items from the ban. Items still allowed in the cabin include medical devices, small purses, cameras, laptop computers, canes, walkers, diaper bags, musical instruments and life-sustaining items.

I would err on the side of caution with medical supplies (outside of prescriptions) for the time being. I think it would end up being a judgment call by security officials, as to whether that box of gloves and catheters is considered a life sustaining item. On the plus side, if you take just enough supplies, you won’t have to worry about bringing anything back.

It should also be noted that there are huge backlogs at security checkpoints throughout Canada at this time. Travelers departing Toronto took as long as three hours to clear security. All passengers are being patted down, and all carry- on items are being hand inspected. So check on the airport website to see how early you need to arrive, and then follow those recommendations.

Will US airlines follow the Canadian lead? Only time will tell.