As most of your know, now lists access information on their website. Even though this is the result of a settlement agreement, I’m still happy that they’re reporting access information about the properties they book. The access details reported seem extensive, including the availability of roll-in showers; so I’m also happy with that. In short, they don’t just say they have accessible rooms, but list the features of the accessible rooms. So on the surface it looks like things are moving in a positive direction. But, that’s just on the surface.

Truth be told, after a recent incident, I’m starting to wonder about the accuracy of their access information. In the course of researching a destination, I selected three hotels from the database, all of which were listed as having roll-in showers. Then I called the properties directly to verify the access, because I always double check second-hand information. To my great surprise, I discovered that two of the properties did not have roll-in showers.

Now granted, I could have just talked to some clerk who didn’t know what he was talking about, but having this happen twice seems highly unlikely. In my experience, most employees know if their property has any rooms with roll-in showers. Granted they might not know exactly where it is, but at least they know if there is one. And if they don’t even know what a roll-in shower is; well you can tell that too.

So I guess this is just a word of warning — that you should take the access information with a grain of salt. To be honest, you should always double check any second-hand information. It’s just the prudent thing to do. But maybe a bit more-so with, considering my recent experience.

Unfortunately I haven’t actually talked with anyone who has used to book an accessible room, so if you know of anybody who has, then send them my way. I’m really looking to find out how well the rest of the system works.

Stay tuned!