TSA Confiscates Concealed Weapons in Vintage Canes


Do you have one of those old time wooden canes? You know, the kind with a little character, maybe with some decorative engravings or carvings. Perhaps you picked it up at a yard sale or an antique store, or maybe it was even a gift. If so, then you might want to inspect it carefully before your next flight, because it could be a weapon. That’s right. A weapon. More specifically, a cane-sword.

And as silly as this all seems the TSA doesn’t consider it a laughing matter at all. In fact, they’ve actually confiscated over 200 canes with either concealed knives or swords. And get this — most of the elderly travelers that were carrying them had absolutely no idea that they were trying to go through security with a concealed weapon. In fact, in most cases these unsuspecting travelers purchased their canes second-hand, and most selected them for their artistic embellishments and style.

Take 78-year old Saeed Sanjideh, who was traveling to Seattle from his home in San Jose, CA. He was totally dumbfounded when the TSA confiscated his lions head cane, because it contained a 16-inch sword. He had absolutely no idea that his cane concealed what the TSA defines as a weapon. After all, his wife bought it for him at a flea market. Fortunately for Mr. Sanjideh, TSA officials believed his story and he was eventually allowed to board his flight. The cane was, of course, confiscated.

The moral of the story? Inspect your cane carefully before heading to the airport. If it does have a concealed sword, it’s better that you find it, rather than the TSA.

On that note, I’m going to go and check out my dad’s old wooden cane, that has been sitting in my hall closet for years. You never know!!